Our Internet Speeds

The Möbius-Internet packages we offer provide an ‘up to’ speed indication, to demystify what this means essentially the ‘up to’ figure is the fastest your internet connection will be for the majority of the time.

We install a huge internet connection into the base of your property and share that between all of the businesses/residents. We are confident that in the vast majority of cases you will be able to achieve your up to speed however during peak usage times your actual available speed may dip below the quoted ‘up to’ figure for short periods of time. 

Your actual internet speed is also  dependent on the quality & distance of cabling infrastructure installed at your property. In most cases a high speed cable (fibre or Cat6) will be installed in order to  guarantee no speed loss.

On our ‘Warp-Speed’ packages you have access to the entire bandwidth on the internet connection when it is available.  It should be noted our ‘up to’ 300mbps package is extremely fast and it is not possible for you to see the entire 300mbps over a WiFi connection, to get the most from a 300mbps package we suggest using a wired connection.

If you wish to change your package/internet speed you can change at any time by contacting us.

You can test your internet speed by CLICKING HERE