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High Speed Internet

The majority of well known national internet service providers (ISP) are charging for installations at new developments.

They are often extremely difficult to deal with and don't adhere to construction deadlines.

There is a better way...!

The Better Way!

High speed internet

Möbius-Internet has been supplying high speed internet since 2002. It has successfully delivered connections to many high profile clients & mission critical projects.

It has the ability to provide connections to many thousands of end users across cities, towns, businesses & rural communities with no hidden fees or fuss.

Cost Neutral Installation

high speed internet

The Möbius-Internet service to new developments or property owners is  cost neutral!

  • FREE high-speed fibre installation to the development

  • FREE infrastructure installation to each apartment or home

Experienced Installer

High speed internet

Möbius-Internet will work alongside your other construction work to minimise disruption.

We understand how construction projects progress and can schedule our installations around your project. 

Superior Internet

High Speed Internet

Möbius-Internet will provide superior contention ratios compared to the majority of domestic connections provided by other internet service providers (better than 50:1).

This means the end users will enjoy superior download & upload speeds and you can attract more tenants.

Hassle Free

High speed internet

Our clear & straight talking attitude ensures that your development benefits from high speed internet quickly & efficiently without the fuss or hassle associated with national ISP's. 

Your connection may also be eligible for a grant via the 'gigabit broadband voucher scheme'